Love and Light Healing

Welcome to a special part of my world.
A time and space where we go on a personal journey together to share, laugh, and cry about whatever has brought you to me and more.

You know, most of the time, the reason you thought you came is not what necessarily needed healing, but rather a deeper aspect of your soul's existence stemming from childhood, or previous lifetimes. Either way, the Spirit of Unconditional Love knows why you are here and what you need, and so you shall receive.

Through Magnified Healing, Reiki and Vibrational Balancing, In Person and Distance Healing, Caterina incorporates sacred energies and healing modalities as guided by Divine Love and Higher Power.

She also connect with loved ones who come through for the client with loving messages.

The benefits of weekly, fortnightly or monthly healing sessions are the promotion of self improvement, inner peace, security, positive health, and wellbeing to all levels of one's entire mind, body and soul existence.

Such a powerful journey to self discovery can lead to greater empowerment, transformation, rejuvenation, grounding, patience, true happiness and freedom to live one's potential to its fullest in alignment with the soul's purpose.

A routine of healing coupled with healthy eating, gentle exercise and drinking water, are important tools to enjoying an abundant life.

Another life lesson to incorporate into our daily routine is the Attitude of Gratitude to promote faster healing. Finding just one thing to be appreciative and grateful for each day is all it takes to magically shift your energy to a positive frame of mind, lift your emotions, and activate the happy healing process throughout your body!

What are you grateful for today?