Love and Light Healing

Caterina is a Spiritual Master Healer and Teacher of Reiki and many other sacred healing modalities. She is also a mother of two beautifully blessed little angels, and wife to a loving, patient and supportive hubby with a big heart.

Caterina's life purpose and passion involves engaging with young women, mothers and children of all ages who are experiencing pain, suffering, neglect, stress, anxiety, depression, and/or perhaps feel stuck and seeking direction, empowerment, a meaningful life purpose, true happiness and abundance in their life.

Using a number of different sacred healing modalities, patience in the belief of Divine timing, compassion and pure love, Caterina's faith in the power of the Higher Intelligence and inner guidance is used to remove negative blockages and all that which does not serve one's highest purpose and good will, in order to re-create a harmonious, positively balanced, happy, healthy, healing energy body.